Bookkeeping & IFTA Tax Services

Over The Road Bookkeeping and IFTA Service for Owner Operators.

We offer a full service bookkeeping and tax service for your trucking business. We will keep your records so that you can always see the bottom line of your business. This will enable you to have pertinent records available on your truck maintenance log. Our monthly trucking bookkeeping services include items such as an Income and Expense statement to provide you with an accurate picture of how your trucking business is doing month-to-month.  We can also make suggestions to help grow your bottom line and increase your cash-flow.

Our Over The Road Bookkeeping Support TEAM is dedicated to the service of each and every one of our customers and helps keep you up to date on tax changes and how they affect the truck driving industry. Our bookkeeping services provides you with peace of mind while you are on the road.

Our extensive logistics network provides service to motor carriers throughout the United States and Canada.  Our many years experience in the trucking industry give us a keen edge over the competition we have the experience to help you with your trucking bookkeeping and accounting needs. 

Because of our knowledge and experience we are able to provide excellent customer service to our customers through all of our standard and specialized bookkeeping, compliance, and trucker tax services.

Call 1-800-873-5204 option  or contact us for details on how we can serve your specific needs.

Our only business is to provide transportation solutions!

Be relieved of the burdensome tax of keeping books
Stay in compliance with IFTA and Tax Regulations
Increase your bottom line
Maximize tax deductions

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owner operators wanted

There’s reason ProDispatch Logistics has become one of the industry’s top logistics services, and, there is a reason why ProDispatch became #1 rated. We are skilled specialists at helping our customers move freight, safely, quickly, and reliably.  We bring a lot more than the average agent, we are your single point of contact for moving your freight across the U.S and to destinations in Canada and Mexico. We believe in the ProDispatch motto: "Freight Done Right, Every Day, Every Time".

- Locating your best possible carrier for your shipments.
- Large in-house Carrier base.
- Work to obtain the best possible outcome for our customers
- Verify Carrier's
- Handle all necessary faxes and paperwork including rate confirmations, broker set up and     
  insurance certificates for each and every load.
- Make sure you or your loads are properly dispatched out on the truck with the correct information.
- Provide load tracking and manage call-ins.
- Maintain and monitor all load activities,  pre-load - loading - transport - pre-delivery - delivery - follow-up, etc
- Work with your company to make sure we meet your needs and build a lasting relationship.

If you find yourself in a position that you are looking to make a move to a solid company with a long-standing track record of success and stability, then we may have the answer for you. Our carrier is actively seeking new Owner Operators to join their fleet. Once approved you will work with your personal assigned broker agent as you single point of contact and be assured of profitability on every load.

Whether you have 1 or 100 trucks, we are wanting to talk to you about joining the ProDispatch Logistics carrier team. Plenty of miles, plenty of freight. No more empty miles only to find out a load is not available. We take care of all that for you and leave you free to drive the truck or manage other aspects of your business. A true partnership for your success. read more.....

If you are in need of several loads per week, this is the plan for you. We will work with you to develop a plan for your specific needs and keep you rolling. In addition to the items  basic dispatch plan we can quickly handle the invoicing and any other needs you might have. This frees up your time for other things and allows you to manage other areas of your operation. We know that shorter runs and/or daily loads require precision logistics to keep you profitable and our experience and know-how  Contact us and discuss your needs with one of our Dispatchers for more information on how we can develop this customized plan to fit your needs. Most LTL HotShot Carriers will also fall under this plan depending on the number of loads and distance traveled monthly. Ask about this when contacting us.