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Reefers - Dry Vans - Flatbeds - Power Only

ProDispatch is a dispatch service provider. We dispatch freight to carriers through the United States. Currently we dispatch reefers, dry vans and flatbeds. More freight types to come

Signing on for our dispatching service is easy and fast. We can handle a single load or daily freight for an entire fleet!

We have the time, experience, and knowledge to find the best loads and solutions for all of your trucking needs.
We are actively seeking Trucks, Owner Operators, & Small Fleets.

To become a carrier there are certain requirements that you as the Carrier must meet in order for us to legally work with you or your company.

Your Typical Company Paperwork Must Include:

1. A copy of your valid Motor Carrier Authority.
2. A Completed W9 Form
3. A copy of your Insurance Certificate. We require $1 Million in Auto Liability and $100,000.00 in 
   Cargo as a minimum.
4. Other business documents as necessary


ProDispatch strives to be more than just your average dispatch service. We have years of experience in the trucking industry. By choosing, ProDispatch you are backed by our professionally trained and experienced staff.

While working to keep your truck(s) loaded with top paying shipments, we will help you get the most out of each mile that you travel. We assist your company in becoming a more profitable and efficient carrier.

If any of the following apply to you, give us a call today!

  • You recently set up your authority and are not quite sure how to secure loads
  • You are established,but would like assistance in securing loads
  • You are spending too much time looking for loads
  • You need or prefer someone handle all of the initial paperwork
  • You spend valuable time and money sending and receiving paperwork and faxes at the truck stop, office, etc.
  • It would be an advantage to have a professional dispatcher
  • You secure your own loads, but you would like someone to handle all of the paperwork
  • You are looking for more cost effective and efficient ways to manage your business
  • You would like to come see how we can help you!